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i just finished my first week of nursing school, the 2nd time around (yay!). i failed nursing 101 last year and now i'm back in nursing 101 and 102. i am beyond thankful to be given a second chance because not everyone who fails comes back. however, i'm finding it hard to get out of that "summer" mode of not feeling motivated to study or do homework. also, it feels so weird starting over and being with new people in a new class, yet having the same teachers and doing the same work. has anyone else been here? i just want this "new" feeling to go away lol i thought i got over failing and not being in the same class with the same people anymore but its hard to watch them go on to OB and peds and i'm stuck back doing the basics. don't get me wrong-i love being able to start over and there's no way i would give it up now. i've just been having weird feelings because all my friends are there and i am here. does this even make sense?

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Hi There!

It totally makes sense and we're only human so it's even more difficult to see others progress as you take an alternate route. However, don't let that fog up your concentration. Once you start immersing yourself in your studies then I'm sure you'll forget about the "new" feelings you had at first!

While I personally didn't retake any classes, a few of my friends did and they've completely forgotten the fact that it will take them a little longer to graduate. In fact, they are very grateful like you to have another shot at this and now they don't take anything in nursing school for granted. In a way, you're lucky because you truly understand the sacrifices that are made throughout this journey.

So don't worry, you will soon be taking the higher level classes within the blink of an eye and who knows, perhaps you can meet more people that aren't from your original entering class.

I wish you all the best and good luck in your nursing career journey!

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