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Starting a CNA Program

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Hello Everyone, I am a Train-The-Trainer Certified RN,BSN. I would like to get a Q&A going on the topic of starting a CNA program at your facility or as a business and its ins and outs or pros and cons? Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences.

So first thing first .. in many states if not all, you have to be a RN with experience in LTC, Hospice, Homecare etc each state might be different from another so check out your state website on Train-The-Trainer.

So the next questions is where do you go after you have achieved the TTT certificate? Anyone...


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Over the years, some of the LTC places I've been have chosen to do their own CNA programs in-house and with their own staff, usually the Staff Development Nurse. They will see to it that an in-house nurse will take the Train-the-Trainer program (or has already been certified).

Also, some places have affiliated themselves with an outside school program that does its clinical rotation at the NH. The NH then has a prospective pool of potential applicants upon completion of the course and the NH will hire the 'good student' applicants.

I've never met any nurse who did a course as a contracted outside consultant. They were always an employee of a facility. You could be hired that way, or work for a Community College program, the American Red Cross, or some for-profit school.

Don't know if this helps.

Where can I find a train the trainer program for Mississippi?