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I have a Master in Science In Nursing and organization Management. I also have a Masters in Science in Leadership. I am about to retire after 41 years of nursing and am interested in opening a Certified Nursing Assistant Program in N. Miami. Where do I start?

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Sounds like a great idea. You'd first have do investigate the CNA process for your state - who approves training programs & what are the criteria for CNA exam eligibility. In your state, I believe that CNAs are governed by the BON, so they should be able to provide you with all the relevant information -- or at least put you in touch with appropriate contact persons.

I've created & managed CNA training pgms for hospital systems - it's a very rewarding program. In our programs, the participants were usually the first people in their families to venture into any sort of 'professional' education. Many times, they were the first to even obtain their HS diploma or GED. There's no doubt that you (as an educator) are having a positive impact on their lives.

OTOH, it can be surprisingly expensive to do a start-up, particularly related to the various types of insurance you'll need. Clinical training sites may also be problematic unless you are in a collaborative relationship with a LTC provider - IMO, that's the way to go!

Best of luck on your new venture.

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