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Starting arnp school 2011 how can i specialize.


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Ok I have one year of acute care nursing under my belt. I am planning to start my MSN next fall at a private university. They offer adult and family track for ARNP. Does anyone know how I can specialize once I'm done? I want to specialize in either ER, OR or ICU. I also intend on continuing to work as an RN for the next 2 to three years while I attend school full time. :idea:

This may be more info than you asked for, but....

I graduate from a FNP program in Dec. Here are my thoughts. Eventually the thought is that every NP program will be FNP based--with speciality coming out of that. Many students in our program did specialty hours within the FNP clinical semesters. For example-if you do 200 hours your last semester--then do 80 in the ER with the remainder in FNP. Margaret Fitzgerald-who has written many review books and does live seminars--said the FNP's are more marketable.. (as you can do any age).

As for working full time--I have 3 children--and saved money to go very part-time the last year. Otherwise-I would have never seen them. :) Also--I wish someone had recommend that I get the Fitzgerald Review CD's when I started the program. It would have been so helpful. They are entertaining--can listen on the way to clinical.. I wish you the best in the next 2 year journey.

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I agree with you about the FNP degree. I am going to see what I can do about preforming my clinical hours in the ER. Thank you very much for your input. I'll looking into the CD you recommended.