Start working as part time CNA during school?


I currently have a well paying part time job but our teachers told us to start working at a hospital or any job whatsoever that is medically related to get our foot in the door. I really struggled in first semester and barely passed so I'm worried that if I work as a CNA and my other job then that would affect my grades. I only worked 2 times a week at my part time job during first semester (16 hours) but I still really struggled and cut it to one time a week.

I'm not going to quit my current job for a CNA position because I get dental and vision insurance through them which I don't have under my parent's insurance. They also pay me really well and I pick and choose when I'm available to work so they work well with my schooling. But I really would like to get my foot in the door for a future RN position.

I have volunteered at a hospital for one year and worked at a cardiologist office for 2 years (as a billing associate) and also got my EMT license before I started nursing school but I have never had any real hands on experience. Our teachers tell us that hands on experience on our resume will help us land a job for the future.

Any advice on what should I do? Thank you.


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Look into a PRN CNA position. You just work when you can/when you want.

But if you don't feel like you can handle it and you have the ability to not have to work full time to support yourself, then don't. Focus on school if you know you're struggling.