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so at the community college where i live they have an adn program and they only let in 30 students every fall semester and it is based on a point system. my husband is in the military and i am not sure where i will be. should i start with an associates in arts and then go for a BSN or should i just take A&P 1and2 and psy and english and then apply for a nursing program if he gets stationed somewhere else. i am just not sure where to start. if i take the a&p and all that first then apply fall of 2010 to hopefully get into the program begining fall of 2011. if you have any advise please help me out. thankyou

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I would personally take the pre-reqs for nursing. :) Just make sure they're transferrable.

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I agree, take the pre-req's first. (all the schools in my area won't even consider you for nursing if you don't have all the pre-req's completed when you apply) By the time you are finished with that, perhaps your husband will have a better idea of where you guys will be living, and then you can figure out where to apply.


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ok. i could have my AA in arts completed by the time the ADN program would start in 2011 should i go for the ADN or BSN? i can apply fall of 2010 and the program would start fall of 2011.

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I don't know what branch your husband is in, but most bases are nowhere near a 4 year school, probably ruling out a BSN. This is less applicable if you're Navy/Marines.

Does your husband have any idea where he will be stationed? I know you don't really know and you could be stuck overseas without a school at all, but unless he has a very flexible job that can go anywhere, you should have a rough idea where you will go. My ex drove tanks, so there were only a handful of bases we could be stationed at. A friend's husband was on a specific type of subs, so they could only go to 3 bases. Talk to your husband and see where he is likely to end up. I know this doesn't always work--I was a medic, so I could go anywhere--but it (usually) works.

Ok, now that you have a general idea of where you may be going... check out the schools in the area. See what their pre-reqs are. Look at the differences between a BSN and an ADN.

If I were you, I would go for an ADN. Keep in mind that nursing school takes 2 years and it is VERY difficult to transfer credits from one school to another. In the Army, assignments last 2 years, so I would work on pre-reqs, then apply to schools so I could start at the beginning of the assignment and finish school in one spot. BSNs are going to require more prereqs and it may be difficult to find some of them at a community college. If you want a BSN eventually, there are online RN-BSN programs. ADNs are also much cheaper than BSNs. Community colleges in military areas are also much more understanding of things like "I'm skipping class for a week because my husband just came home from Iraq." Not that it would be ok in a nursing program, but my professors in prereq classes were very flexible.

Make sure to take both of your anatomy classes at the same school because it's much easier to transfer both than just one. You don't want to get stuck taking 3 A&P classes :) Also, the pre-reqs for micro are different EVERYWHERE so make sure you have a couple of semesters available to take the pre req and then micro. Don't be like me and switch to 3 different schools with 3 different micro pre-reqs.

Keep a copy of your course catalog from your school as well as a copy of your syllabus from each class in case you need it when you transfer. If you're transfering in state, this is less of a problem.