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where should i start? professional advice needed. just graduated from high school.

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Hello all,

My name is Gia Le, I am eighteen years old, just graduated from high school last may. I am a male, and I wanted to become a nurse in the near future. During my high school years i have kept a 3.2 gpa, wish it was higher but because of too much partying and home problems I was never academically driven as I should have been. At first I decided I wanted to be a history teacher, but figured out. I want to be more interactive, especially with people. Helping people has always came easy to me, so I decided why not just become a nurse.

First problem is.. I never took any in depth classes that elaborated on the health/medical field. Only took health a year and physical education. Not much help.

I did graduate school w/ a college prep diploma though.

Now I go to Georgia Perimeter Community College just for my freshmen year. My set major is now: pre-nursing.

I plan to take my pre-req classes here my freshmen year and transfer to GA State or Augusta medical my next year.

Only problem is will the school/nursing program look into/or ask if I took any high school medical classes?

Obviously have nothing to show them.

Another problem is after taking my pre-req classes, do I just transfer into my desire school? and after my sophomore year entire an ACTUAL nursing program?

I want to just get my associates asap & the my bs-n but i need to know what are the steps to get to that milestone.

IF anyone can help me do not hesitate to inform me.

I just need basically an outline of what I should do in order to become the lpn -> rn i want to be one day.

Thank you!!!

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llg has 40 years experience as a PhD, RN and works as a Nursing Professional Development + Academic Facult.

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1. Most high schools don't have "health" classes for people interested in health-related careers. So, not having them is no big deal. The college-prep track plus the college-level pre-requisite courses should be just fine.

2. There is no need to get an LPN before getting your ADN. You seem to be on-track for getting your ADN through your states' community college system. That's usually a good way to go. Meet with the counselors/academic advisors there and get yourself into the ADN program by taking the right pre-req courses and focus on doing well in them.

Good luck to you.

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NP Sam works as a Peds NP in ENT.

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I say just go for the RN. Look up what the admission requirements for EVERY school you are thinking of applying to and take those classes as soon as possible (and do your best in them :)).

I would not worry about no health classes in high school... no biggie. Like I said earlier look up evry requirement for entrance (besides just prereqs). Many require two semesters of a foreign language in high school.

Depending on the program just might get in as a sophomore and don't have to be a junior. Such is the case with GA state. Yes, you do just apply as a transfer student and see if all your prereqs will transfer. But, getting into the school does NOT be you are actually in the nursing program because it is SO competitive. When I was a sophomore I applied to two nursing programs and was denied by both! So what I did is get my Bachelors and then apply to nursing schools and I got into two.

So work hard on those prereqs because they are how you "sell yourself" to nursing schools. :thankya:

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