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I have taken about 35 hours that I have credit for at a university in Texas. I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career but did know I liked the medical aspect so I took all biology, chemistry and anatomy/phys classes. It's been about 8 years since I have been in college and I want to know how do I start back up to finish what i started? I would like to be a Registered Nurse and be capable of obtaining a masters degree and go to school to become a CNA if I wanted. I'm not sure if I can take the rest of the classes I need at a cheaper school (not university) or If i should just stay in the university. I also can not get any information on how to start my schooling. I've called all the local universities and they say I have to be accepted and have a meeting with an advisor. Do i really have to wait till that point to be able to find out? CAn anyone tell me what degree i need to be a RN and if it will be able to work towards a CNA degree? I know it is tricky so I don't want to get the wrong degree.... confused! thanks for your help. reason I didn't finish school was because I got married moved away and had 2 babies back to back so now I am ready for school again :)


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First, locate a community college or an affordable university (yeah, right I know) that fit your specific needs based on class size, location, scheduled courses, tuition, scholarships, accessibility of instructors, length of program, labs/library, clinicals, etc.

Second, schedule a meeting with an academic advisor in reference to what you are attempting to accomplish (RN to MSN from reviewing your post). Let them know exactly what you would like to achieve and not allow him/her to tell you what they think is best for you. I've known a few people to have been misled by misinformed academic advisors (reasons unbeknownst to me ...maybe change in the curriculum...who knows).

Finally, you can obtain a Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate/License (prior to RN school) within 16 weeks or less depending upon the program selected. Once you obtain your CNA status, you can work and attend RN school at the community college or university (or just attend school if you do not desire or need to work). Your CNA employer may have tuition reimbursement for RN school.

Continue to research programs that fit your list of specific needs, requirements and do not forget to do a side by side comparison of the pros and cons of each school. At the end of it all, research, research, reseach and YOU make the finally decision for yourself. Best wishes to you.

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