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StaRN Program, June 19, 2017 - Denver, CO

ajpowel4 ajpowel4 (New) New

Hey everyone! This might be a long-shot, but I wanted to reach out on here to see if anyone else has been hired for the June 19th StaRN program in Denver. I am moving out of state and would love to find a roommate in the same field as me :)

Devon Rex, ADN, BSN

Specializes in Rehab, Ortho-Spine, Med-Surg, & Psych. Has 5 years experience.


A StarRN program is a nice way to get you started, but know they will pay you less than the other RNs (for 2 years).


Where are you moving from? I'm also starting the program in Denver (June 19). I'm also looking for a place but only for a few months.

Hi there I thought they only pay you less for the orientation/training part of the program ?

I'm driving up from NC right now. Found someone to live with already in west colfax. My names Abby, by the way...see you Monday!


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How do you guys like the program now that you have been in it for a while? I have just finished my interviews for the February program. I really wanna have an idea of what I am getting myself into. So many mixed reviews are out there. It makes me nervous!