Starling's Law of the capillary

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hi everyone! my question is about starling's law... i just don't get it!! i have a whole bunch of definitions for it, but i am still struggling to understand it!!! can someone please explain it to me in the most layman of layman terms!! thanks...;)

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There are forces pushing/pulling fluid out of the capillary and forces pushing/pulling it in. Whichever one is greater determines whether the majority of fluid goes out or goes in.

thank you, thank you, thank you!! i think i am finally getting it. there was a description on another thread comparing it to elastic bands and now even that description makes more sense to me!!

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What?! No wonder you are confused. You are mixing starlings law of the capillaries with starlings law of heart contraction. Very different things.

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If you want to understand about starlings law of heart contraction, think of a thick rubber balloon. Fill that balloon up with a little water so that it stretches just a little. When you release the top, a little water will come out with mild force. Now think of that same balloon and fill it up until it is stretched to it's max. Now when you release the top, lots of water comes out and with great force. This is starlings law of heart contraction. The more blood return to the heart (streching it) the greater the contraction.

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I was confused about the Starling Forces too, and I sat down with my friend one day and we drew pictures. It really helped! We also made up funny dialogue to go along with the pictures.

we just had lab on saturday and our professor did an amazing job explaining it as well. it didn't help that our regular biology teacher was confusing the law of the capillaries with the law of heart contraction either!! i didn't even realise they were two different things until abefrohman pointed it out!!

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