Stanford New Grad Program Fall 2012

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Hi all,

I don't see a thread up here specifically for Stanford's Fall 2012 new grad program, so I thought I'd start one.

I've seen rumors flying around saying people have been called, and other rumors saying they aren't finished making calls yet. Does anyone know any truths behind the rumors? Have they finished making calls? When are the panel interview dates? I have a friend who was hired in the last cohort and they mentioned that as people dropped out of the panel interview (accepted other offers, etc), HR continued to call applicants to schedule last-minute panel interviews even up to the day before the last panel interview!

Don't give up! Any information would be great!


I was contacted yesterday by SHC for an interview. The interview dates are July 24, 25, 26. Although I got a call my status still says app in review.

Great! Congratulations! Good to know they're still contacting people for interviews. Rumors were flying that all applicants they were offering interviews to had already been contacted a week ago. Glad that rumor has been corrected.

Best of luck.

I got a call today... So they are still making offers.

I got a call on July 5th, so there is still hope! Now... for the interview...

I just got a call this morning for an interview on the 24th. Someone that got hired from the cohort before mine actually got a same day call for an interview for the program last March, and now he works there, so there is definitely hope! Just be prepared!

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