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For all California NPs, did you all have to write your own SPs? When you got a job, did you have to sign your employment contract before you saw your SP? Is it a red flag if you don't have them before you sign the employment contract?

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I work in California in two separate places as an employee of a medical center. We don't sign employment contracts. We do have to be credentialed and privileged by the Medical Staff. Our Standardized Procedures are pre-written based on the role the NP performs and in my case, the language pertains to providing care in an adult Critical Care setting with all the associated procedures involved in that field.

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I had to get signed off or credentialed for every type of service when I started my job- ranging from just being followed by a preceptor for a few simple GYN visits, having be supervised for x number of procedures, to having to go through a standardized and lengthy training and credentialing process.

I don't write my own SP because those things are standardized across the affiliate, and while I was given a general understanding of what my entry level scope would be (and how I could widen it), I certainly wasn't given a comprehensive list or anything like that. I am relatively certain that, had I asked, I would have been allowed access to the protocols, prior to signing a contract.

I am not a CA NP though, so my input is probably not all that helpful! Sorry!