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Stanbridge RN program for 85k? Should I do it?

by MarissaH MarissaH (New) New Pre-Student

Hi every one,

I'm going to apply for the RN program at the Stanbridge University CA, they raised tuition fee to 85k. I would like to know if any one here already has done or is doing RN program at this school? How is the program and Is it worth that much money to join this school? Thanks.

Did you end up enrolling into Stanbridge?

No, not yet. Do you know about Stanbridge’s RN program?

I don’t know to much about the RN program. I’m currently enrolling for the LVN program. That program start in January. I haven’t been able to find As many reviews about the school as I would like. If you check Yelp you can find a few reviews there. This damm for-profit schools are expensive. I

I read many reviews, many says the tuition fee is expensive. Today I talked to the school, they said they are no longer offer ADN program. Now they offer BSN program only, it takes 3 years and tuition fee is $130k, same to West Coast University. I think it is way too much for a nursing degree. 130k plus student loan interest I may end up with 150k in debt after 3 years. I give up this school. Good luck with your LVN program.

Definitely NOT worth it! That’s way too much money for any nursing program. You’d have more debt than some medical students. You should check out Western Governors University’s BSN Pre-licensure program, if you live in one of the areas they offer it (moving is also an option). The program is only $30k in total and they offer some scholarships. 

Thanks for your information. I just checked the school website, the BSN pre-licensure program and its tuition seem reasonable, however for now it’s only available in these states: Florida, Indiana, Texas, Utah. California is pending until further notice. I think it’s because of the new covid wave.