Stamford Hospital distance from Metro North Train Station


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Can anyone tell me how far Stamford Hospital is from the Stamford's metro north train station? In case I have to commute to Stamford from NYC, I'd like to know if I can walk from the metro north station to the hospital or if I have take a bus. Thanks a lot for your help!


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It's a pretty long walk - about a 1/2 hr. The better option IMO would be the bus. #13 goes directly to the Hospital from the train station.


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thanks for your help! I read on their website they have a free shuttle for employees from metro north to the hospital, not sure how true it is, but thanks anyway!


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The free shuttle is true but I believe it only takes one trip in the morning and one in the afternoon. Either way if you can correlate your train schedule, this is really not a bad deal. Call their human resource department and ask them. I am sure they can provide you with this information.