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I am looking for information regarding the strike that occurred in California by the nurses over staffing issues. I have looked everywhere for information, but keep coming up empty handed. If anyone knows when this happened, and what the results were (I think they got more staffing:ratio's as a result of this strike, I would appreciate any info you may have. Thanks.

Nurse Rachet-

Hello.I'm not sure which strike you refer to. There have been numerous nursing strikes in California (what year?). Or are you referring to the successful passage of the Nurse Patient Ratio Bill, AB394? The California Nurses Association has links to several California nursing strikes and info on the Nurse Patient Ratio Legislation if you haven't been there already.


PS- I forgot to mention that AB394 passed in 1999. However, it won't be implemented until 2002 (supposedly it is to allow health care facilities the time to comply w/ meeting staffing needs for the new requirements etc. ) Hope you find what you're looking for.

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