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Staffing issues in LTC


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I am a LPN in LTC and I am uncomfortable with the quality of care that im able to give my residents due to constant staffing issues. Its true I could just go get another job but it wouldnt improve on the care given or the break in the system. My unit has 44 residents right now 2 skilled, 9 diabetics, 6 Gtubes (2 bolus, 2 pumps, 1 flush only, 1 PRN


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As much as your concern for the well-being of the residents and other staff members in the LTC facility is heart-warming, you have to be able to save yourself. If this is something that is greatly affecting your mindset, you have to try something new. You cannot save everyone else at the cost of yourself (and your license, if it's something you are truly afraid of).

I worked full time as a CNA for 3 years. My first 1.5 years was great, we were fully staffed and everyone got along and were helpful. The last 1.5 years, not so much. The LTC facility I worked at was severely understaffed by management choice, not because they couldn't get/keep staff, they just didn't schedule enough. I was the only CNA and had an LPN for 26 people for 12 hours and, as you know, the nurse had her own duties to do and wasn't able to help me much. All different levels of care. It was nonstop and I became severely depressed. I eventually couldn't handle it anymore and switched to PRN while I searched for something new.

I found something new and I'm a totally different person. I still go back and visit my old co-workers and residents, but I am so happy I got out when I did. Although I left, they found someone to replace me and the cycle continues.

I wish you luck!

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