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I am a new grad RN who started my first job in LTC. We played "Call light poker" last night. Any aide who answered another person's call light recieved a playing card. The person with the best poker hand at the end of the shift won a candy bar. It was kind of hokey but we had a lot of fun with it. Does anyone have any other ideas to improve teamwork?

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Hey thats a good idea... if I ever go back to LTC I will have to remember that!


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I think giving candy as a rewards, even though I'm 25 years old, is a GREAT way of boosting morale ... or that could just be my extra tire talking!


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What a cute idea. Sounds like fun!

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Very cute idea, who pays for the candy bar,

It wouldn't work on our units as we all work together, we dont divide up the rooms, but I can envision variations. There will always be the jaded CNA who will mock the game. and unfortunately my aides would prefer cigarettes,

but thanks

Here's an idea:

On an inservice level I prepared a card with the name (decorated) of each staff member on the top and blank lines underneath.

We sat in a circle and I handed out a pen and a card to each staff. The person to their left had the card with their name on it. They got one and a half minutes to write a few positive words on the card explaining why they love working with the person whose name was on the card. Then the card was passed to the RIGHT. It was passed around till it reached the person themselves and they got to keep it . There were smiles and warm feelings all around. Some drew cute pictures etc. One unit made a board and posted the cards. It was a successful activity.

Another time I wrote up questions about the patients some cute some serious. About 20 questions. I divided up the staff in 4 groups and they were given the questionnaire to fill out together. The first questionnaire answered correctly won cinnamon buns (I baked) . This was also cute.

Anyone else with ideas??

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I don't want to come off as a debbie downer, but I feel as if the co-workers I work with regularly would find it either hokey, or just roll their eyes. They feel as if night shift has been overlooked so many times, then what's the point?

Sad, but I know where they come from. I often times bring in pizza and coffee that I spent my own money on, and either have only one aide take a slice with me taking a whole pizza home, or just a quick "thanks" for the coffee. Maybe I'm just dull. I need some good 11-7 ideas (for when the call lights aren't going OFF the darn wall hehe)

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forget the pizza or coffee, try sunflower seeds, nuts and raisins or popcorn or something cheap or the aides will feel like they have to reciprocate.

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