Staff Development coordinator

Specialties Geriatric


I would have posted on the nurse educator site, but it doesn't seem to get LTC posts that much...

I'm considering taking a job as coordinator for 2 small nursing homes. Along with the mandatory monthly inservices and new hires, What are some other things that you are doing?? This would be a 20 hr week between the two (combined about a 100 residents and maybe 100 staff) and I would be able to have very flexible hrs and be able to do prep work at home.

What are some good resources for the staff development coordinator in LTC settings?

One more I will check, but was wondering what the average is? Is it comparable to a staff nurse? Should it be?

Thanks for any info or insight...This is my dream job, I love to teach..but might not be able to swing the hrs with kids at home..

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