1st year nursing student looking for work experience in USA


Hi to anyone reading this!

My name is Louise, I am starting a 4 year general nursing course in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in September 2011. For the summer of 2012, I want to travel to USA and try and get some work experience under my belt that's nursing related. I would love to do this in New York City.

Are there any facilities in NYC that would take on a student just finished their first year of general nursing? It can be shadowing a more experienced nurse, or some assistance, or anything, I just want to gain as much experience as I can! It does not have to be paid, volunteer work is fine by me

New York Presbyterian, Mount Sinai etc..Do hospitals run student learning programmes over the summer or externships that are free of charge?

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank yooooouuu!!

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As I mentioned in one of your other threads the other day the issue is going to be getting a visa allowing you to do this. You will not I believe be able to volunteer you however may qualify for a J visa which is an exchange visa. Further investigation shows that if you are a Irish citizen you may qualify with the Intern Work and Travel Pilot Program with Ireland

Another issue you may find is meeting RN requirements and passing NCLEX as I believe this will need to be met first. Make sure your training covers areas both clinical and theory in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult.

Also with many nurses in NY struggling to find work as hospitals closing you have the added pressure to finding something