1st Week as Home Health LVN


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So this was my first week of home health on my own. I LOVE THIS JOB! I actually got to spend time with the patients and their families. I spent 45 minutes today doing diabetic education with a husband and wife. I have never spent that much time with one patient doing education only. It was really great. After spending the last 9 years on the med-surg floor I was a little concerned that I might be making a mistake leaving something I knew to do something I have NEVER done. I now do not feel that way. I am still working PRN at the hospital but love HH! I am still trying to get myself organized so that I am not constantly flipping through papers trying to find what I want/need. And getting the timing between visits down is throwing me off. I will be investing in a GPS very soon. If anyone has any tips/advise they can pass on I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Just had to share how much I love my new job. I was getting so burned out on med-surg.


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Glad you like what you are doing.