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St. Thomas Hospital Akron, OH

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by MrsMommaRN MrsMommaRN (Member)

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i have just accepted a postion with summa hospitals. i have a meeting with someone from st. thomas on the orthopaedic unit. has anyone had any expericences with st. thomas as a patient or as an employee? thanks for your replies in advance.

kimberly r.n.

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lilbug specializes in NICU.

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Hi. I am from the akron area. I did my psych clinical rotation at St. Thomas but that's really the only area I was in....the general psych floor and geri-psych. I had a great experience there, but again, I only know about psych.

Summa now owns St. Thomas, Akron City and Cuyahoga Falls General. St. Thomas used to do more than psych and ortho but I think after Summa bought them, they turned to those 2 areas. It used to be more. I was actually born there in the early '80s! My grandfather was on the board there as well and did some of his residencies there a long long time ago....he was an internal medicine M.D.

Thats all I really know about it. Sorry if it doesn't help you much!

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