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Hi all. So, I am a new grad RN and have an opportunity to work at St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, CA and was curious if anyone has any experience at St. Rose? Is it a good place to work? Does anyone know what the salary range is? Any input about this hospital would be great!

Thanks so much!

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If that hospital is the one I'm thinking of in the Bay Area. I did a run through there in nursing school. The staff was ok, it was a pretty busy floor. But it's not easy to get a job there or anywhere else. Many of my classmates applied after graduation. And, like everywhere else, they don't hire new nurses that often.

One of the nurses I went to school with had a few years LVN experience, worked rehab as an RN for a year, and then was able to get a job there. She says she likes it.


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Congrats!!! You're so lucky! Do you have any previous experience then? I thought they do not accept new grads. I heard its a great place to work. :)


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nurse trish8503RN, congrats!. I hope you accepted the job at St Rose and

doing well? How was the hiring process? Was it difficult?