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Hello everyone,

I want to preface this by saying I am NOT trying to offend anyone by any means. Here is my issue...

I graduated from nursing school (RN) at the beginning of May, however, I had been applying for jobs since March. I was having the same problem that all the other Fall '08-Spring '09 new grads are having, in that I was not successful in finding a job, not even an interview. After I branched out and explored other nursing options, I finally got a job offer from a dermatologist's office that does cosmetic and medical dermatology--needless to say I accepted. I need a job! Now, I know everyone is saying take what you can get for now, its all experience, but I still feel like after I get some experience at this office and try again to get into a hospital (I actually want to do home health) that it is still not going to be the type of experience they would want, and I would feel like a new grad all over again.

I said the part about not offending anyone because I didn't want any dermatology nurses to feel like I was belittling his/her job. I know I will love it because I would actually be doing the same thing that I was doing as a Dermatology MA (cosmetic laser treatments, phototherapy for psoriasis pts, etc.), except maybe + Botox and cosmetic fillers.

What do you guys think? Will I have any options a year from now?


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Who knows...I may love it just as I loved being a derm MA and not want to move, but still. I like to have options!


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Hey, you sound a lot like me. When I graduated last May, I was pregnant. Yet, I still pushed and took boards, etc. I was lucky enough to secure a job even while pregnant. I disclosed this at my interview and everything. Anyways, the position was in mental health with children and adolescents. I didnt feel in danger or threatened. At the time, I wasnt sure if hospitals would even look at me due to my circumstances so I accepted what I could get. Now, one year later, I feel like a new grad. I have my year of experience. ( I also later decreased down to PRN at the mental health place and started Public Health) It seems so hard to get into the hospitals now for that acute care experience. I am in the same pool as the new grads- yet they have taken most of the slots since I am just now getting the yr experience. Its frustrating. I love what I do, but at the same time I still want to be competitive and have a solid skills foundation. Its tough!

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