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For years i have been trying to decide what i wanted to do with myself. I have changed my major 5 times (seriously) and it was alway between medical and art. I have finally came to the conclusion that i would like to become a nurse. I'm just not sure what fields to choose from. Neonatal and Infectious disease is what I'm thinking about pursuing. Is there any nurses in this field and if so what is it like? Was it your first chose and do you enjoy it?

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focus on getting your pre-reqs done and then get through nursing school.

Hopefully you will be exposed enough in clinicals to a variety of nursing specialties to figure out where you would like to work.

And then there is the whole trying to get a job after you graduate, it dosn't even matter what area of nursing you want to go into, but who will give you that 1st year of experince that everyone wants you to have for a specialty area


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Okay that makes sense. Thanks :)

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FWIW, the entire reason I went to nursing school was because I was interested in women's health, specifically labor and delivery. I spent my entire time in the cardiac section of the classes hating it and thinking, "I can't wait until this is over so I can never do cardiac again." Flash forward - I've been a cardiac ICU nurse for 3 years (was put there right out of school) and recover open heart surgical patients. This was the last place I ever wanted to be, and I love it. Yes, I'm starting a completely different nursing career in Informatics on Monday, but the point is that you may find yourself loving something you never intended to do in the first place.


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Thats good! I figured that i maight change my mind after school. That is just what i am interested in at the moment. Thanks for the reply.