St. Mary's ADN bridge with Marshall?

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So I JUST found out today about St. Mary's having an ADN program bridge with Marshall...Its one of the closer schools to me and was wondering if anyone on here is in this program? has opinions about it?

and seeing how hard it is to get accepted (i know its a point system) I'm applying for the january 2012 semester (deadline is July 1st) and just wanted to see everyones opinions on this program?

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Are you talking about the ADN program or the bridge to BSN program? Marshall has had the St. Mary's cooperative ASN program for about 15 years now, but they just started the 2+2 thing where you can get a BSN in two years. For the ADN program, there used to be an application online but it's not on the hospital's website now. Here's the school's catalog:

The points system is based on ACT score, grades you got in prerequisites, whether you have previous medical experience like EMS, med assistant, etc., and whether you have any other degrees. The most points anyone could get is 150. I had 95-100 points and got in (can't recall exactly), but I had 50 points for 26+ on my ACT and 20 points for a master's degree, so I imagine not many people had that many points. I think the most important thing is your ACT score.

20 - 20

21 - 25

22 - 30

23 - 35

24 - 40

25 - 45

26+ - 50

The classes only get you 8,6, or 4 for A B or C respectively.


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Yeah my SAT's weren't all that great...i only got a 940 so that transfers to a 20 on the ACT's (according to their scale) I do have a LOT of transfer credits, and most of the being A's so that could help...but I'm not sure how many points i will get....

and yes i was talking about the ADN program..

How is the program for you? likes/dislikes? etc...

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It was great! There isn't a teacher who wouldn't go out of their way to help you, and you have a good chance of working at St. Mary's when you're done (they've hired over half our class and we just graduated in December, and there's only about 5 in our class that haven't gotten jobs at all yet).


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AWESOME! you wouldn't know what an average score is that gets you in? It didn't look like i would get more then a 50 or so...unless i would take the ACT's and get a higher score...I have chemistry, A&P1 (B in Chem, A in A&P1) A's in Psych classes i have taken 2 classes in nutrition plus english classes (A's and B's in those) Associates degree in Psychology, so i get 30 points for the ACT scores and Associates degree, plus the points for classes...but that looks to be about it...

I do have around 84 transfer credits i don't know if that my GPA is 3.73 but i didn't see anything about that on the application...soo....

any other kind of info you have on the acceptance process and the required classes would be tremendously helpful!

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I don't know the average, and it's going to vary by the applicant pool every semester. But here are the classes that they give points for:

BSC 227 (anatomy)

BSC 228 (physiology)

BSC 250 (micro)

Chem 203 or higher

Those all get 8,6, or 4.


Eng 101

Eng 102

DTS 314 (or equivalent)

PSY 201

PSY 311 (child development)

all of those get 6,4 or 2.

Then it says "Higher level science course than those listed above" and it gives 8,6 or 4 (only one time.)

The application does ask for transcripts so it's possible they do consider overall GPA and such, but I am not sure.

Those classes listed there include all of the the classes needed (other than the nursing courses) to get the associate's degree. Either way it will take 4 semesters of classes, there's no way to get around it. But the less other classes you have to take the more time you'd have to extern at the hospital (they hire several almost every semester, after one semester of the nursing classes you qualify to work there for $9 an hour first year students, $11 an hour for 2nd year students and you sign up to work only when you want to and they use you as needed.)


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Can you go in the summer semester? (if there is one) or how are the semester set up? at Shawnee its 16 weeks...fall/winter/spring semester (and summer but not many classes are offered then..)

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No, as far as I know there aren't any summer classes.

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