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St. Lukes SON Bethlehem PA


Hey everyone I was just wondering if any of you are currently applying to St. Luke's School of Nursing in Bethlehem PA or if any of you have applied and been accepted or gone through the program already. I am finishing up my pre reqs and taken my ATI critical thinking exam already and am just waiting on my interview now to try to get in for this coming fall!

Hi! I am currently applying as well! Just did my interview. Did you do yours yet?

I haven't done my interview yet! I am just waiting on my final grades from my college so I can send my final transcript to them and then she told me they will schedule my interview! What kind of questions did they ask at your interview and what did you get on your ATI critical thinking exam if you don't mind me asking!

Hey! They ask pretty generic questions, like why you want to be a nurse, why St. Luke's, things like that. I got a 88% on my critical thinking, said it was in the 99th percentile. How about you?

I got an 80% on my exam which was in the 90th percentile but I wish I would have done better! My grades are all A's only 2 B's though so I hope that will make up for it! Good luck though hopefully we will both get in!

I think your score is great! Hoping we both get in. Keep me updated!

I definetely will! It'd be nice to know someone else in the same class!

Hi! Did you hear anything from St. Luke's yet?!

Hey I went for my interview on June 8th I'm hoping it went well I couldn't really tell what they were thinking at the time but I'm just waiting on a letter now! They said the letters go out this Friday!

Hey I actually just got an email from Angela that I was accepted!!

I was accepted too! Any chance you'll be at orientation tomorrow? Or have you already attended?

Yes I'll be at the orientation tomorrow!

YAY! Excited to meet you! Hoping I can figure out who you are :)

Me too! Lol my name is Riley I'm sure I will see you there!

I'm Cindy :) See you tomorrow, Riley!

Hi! I have my interview next month. Can you give me some insight on what to expect and the questions they may ask?