St. Louis University (Baguio) Questions


Hello everyone,

I am planning on attending St. Louis University in November and just had a few questions.

I have taken some 'prereq' classes for nursing here in the States at a community college, things like english composition, precal, stats, public speaking, chemistry, and was wondering if SLU would credit these so I wouldn't have to take them again.

Also, coming from America, although I am not totally unfamiliar with the Philippines, I am with the education system. If anyone has come from the States and done nursing I am just curious how different it is; studying, tests, general academics-wise.

Also, how good of a reputation does SLU have, esp. concerning the nursing program?

Thank you very much.

NursePao, BSN

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SLU Baguio is one of the best nursing school in the Philippines.

I agree with NursePao. I am a graduate of Saint Louis University Batch 2010, now I'm based in Canada. My mom, who's also here in Canada, who took few master's credits at St. Louis, had her credentials assessed here and the result was that Saint Louis University is equivalent to Ontario universities.

I think the pre-requisite courses you took might be credited as long as your official transcript comes with a course description of the courses. (I am not 100% sure on this one). For more accurate information, visit these sites:

School of Nursing -

Admission -

I'm also taking continuing education courses at a college in Toronto where I can see the difference in the education system: In SLU, you really have to work hard to earn high marks plus lots of home works, quizzes, etc. Here: I also worked hard for my grades but less home works, quizzes, etc.

The school is also known for having a very strict retention policy, during my 2nd year in university, originally we were 1,500 students then we were screened thoroughly to only 500 students. But now, I know they've increased the quota to 800 students.

Should you have more questions I would be very happy to answer them.

Best of luck to you and do your best!


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SLU has a good rep. But it's really up to the student's efforts if he/she wants to acquire quality ed. Although i wish my instructors were better and not mediocre..oh well...