St Johns River Community College vs. FCCJ

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I have been reading threads about both of these colleges and it seems that SJRCC might be easier to get into than FCCJ as far as their nursing program. Is this true or does it just depend on when you apply and your grades,etc. Anyone have and idea. Also - does it take forever to get register at SJRCC, because it took me awhile to get in at FCCJ. Thanks for any info!!!

Ginger D in JAcksonville.


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they look at the same criteria at FSCJ. I just got into st johns nursing program and there were over 300 applicants and I didnt think I would get in but they only took 72 from what I understand. I was registered right away, there was an issue but it was my fault because I didnt verify the last bit of info whcih caused me to have to wait a week longer. recheck your registration status for help with that.

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