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I had my first interview this morning and I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked the hospital. I called the lady in HR after I left to let her know what I thought and to thank her for meeting with me. She told me that "since you probably have been interviewing with other facilities, call me and let me know if you're interested" Well i haven't been to any other interviews mainly b/c of my school schedule. I've only applied at two other places and neither one called me back. Is it too soon to jump on this job without seeing any other places? It felt right when I went up to the floor and met all of the nurses. Thanks for any advice. :)

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Always send a personal note to the person you interviewed with! Thank them blah blah blah. It will make you stand out. If they asked for you to connect with them regarding your availablility - do it! Sounds like your intuition is telling you something. Go with it.


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Did you call back and take the job? Just wondering, I just finished my resume and cover letters and hope to have interviews starting soon. What sort of things did they ask during your interview and did you have a list of questions to ask them? Did you get a tour of the hospital while you were there?

I'm compiling a list of questions that I want to remember to ask when I get that first interview.



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I'm calling back in the morning to accept the job. This weekend my parents looked over all of the benefit papers with me and we talked it all out and decided it was a really good thing. During the interview she really didn't ask very many questions. I was really nervous but she was very laid back and we were making "small talk" and laughing. An instructor told me that the "small talk" turns into BIG talk and that some interviewers use this to get an idea of what kind of personality you have. She asked why I wanted to become a nurse and why I chose the school I did and what I knew about the hospital. Definitely do some research about the hospital/organization beforehand. I got a short tour of the hospital and a more in depth tour of the unit. I made a list of questions to ask, but she answered most before I got the chance. They were things like pay scale, shift differentials, nurse/pt ratio, staffing patterns on floor (# of RN, LPN, NA per shift), length of orientation and can it be extended.

Good luck!


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Thanks.....I will keep that all in mind when I go :)


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Best wishes to you. :)

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