St David's vs Seton (Austin) - Update


Hi I saw that there was an old closed thread from 2008 on this topic but I would like to see if there was anybody with more recent experience who could help me decide between two job offers (yay!). I've been offered a full time Med Surg nights position on 2 Central at St David's South and a full time Med Surg nights position on the 4th floor at Seton Northwest.

Both of these facilities look worlds better than where I used to work and seem to be better staffed. St David's has been pretty aggressive in trying to recruit me and offered an unadvertised sign on bonus. They stated their unit has one of the lowest staff turnover but the longest serving nurses I talked to on nights had been there 3-4 years (at my last job I worked with people who had been there 30 years). Seton has offered a slightly better pay rate. The nurses at St David's warned me that Seton "throws their nurses under the bus." I didn't get a chance to speak to any nurses at Seton. I'm wary of a place being so aggressive and putting down the other hospital. Anyone have any input? Thanks!


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Hi! I was just looking at that old thread as well and was hoping for some updated info. I'm interviewing with St. Davids at the end of this month for IMC and planning to apply at Setons as well so I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on this as well.

Also good luck with your job pursuits!