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I’m kind of in a pickle here. So, I currently work as a CMA in a clinic. I love my job and the specialist that I work for. So much so that I want to become an RN and continue working where I am now. My only issue is that I work 32 hours a week currently, and I worry that I won’t be able to find a nursing program that works with my job.

I’m wondering if anyone on this site has any insight on working and going to nursing school in St. Cloud, MN? I’m doing my pre-reqs through SCTCC currently. I tried asking my advisor what hours I would have to be on campus and unfortunately she doesn’t know. 

I’m willing to transfer schools if I can find somewhere where I could work and go to school at the same time. I worry that if I quit I may lose my perfect job and may not be able to get it back. 


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I completed my LPN through SCTCC while working full-time (plus). I was a part time student in the LPN program so it took me two years, instead of one, to complete the program. 

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