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SRNA hopeful with some years to go

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     I am looking for some advice for getting into CRNA school. I've got a few years till I'll be ready, but I wanted to get some advice on the past path I can take. I am going to enter an accelerated bachelor of science program this May. A few years ago I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my schooling and recently graduated with a 3.37 GPA in university studies with a minor in biology. 


Question 1. Can I still be a candidate for CRNA school even though I retook general chemistry? I took the class as a freshmen and received a C. Then the next semester I retook it for a B-. I thought about working towards medical school and took general chemistry II and met my future wife in the class. Sadly, I got a C-. Later (and with some maturing) I learned that I wanted to be a nurse anesthetist and retook general chemistry for an A-. 

Do I still have a chance?

if it helps, my other science classes were;

Anatomy and physiology I and II (B and A-). stats (B) Pharma (B) Pathology (C) General bio I and II (B- and B) Sociology (A) General psych (A-)  Developmental psych (A-) Human Embryology (A-)  general Physics I (B) Microbiology (A-) introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (B+)

I also started to take genetics and didn't know how to drop the class. I was a sophomore and didn't know what I was doing and ended up with an (F). It was a really stupid mistake that I wish I could take back. 


Q2. I am already working with a director at a hospital to work in their ICU trauma level 2. Is this good enough experience for work in a city like Boise to meet the needs for even applying?


Q3. Is there any advice you can give me that might be me be the best applicant possible? I am already planning on getting my CCRN and working for at least 2 years before applying anywhere. 

Thank you in advance for your time. 


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Also, I was able to shadow a CRNA for about 20 hours and loved the experience.

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