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SRMC Fall 2015


Anyone applying to Southside Regional for fall 2015 semester??

I am. It is my 4th time. if I don't get in this time then I will no longer apply. I applied for JTCC hybrid and did not get in. These are the two closest schools to my house and I really wanted to go to one or the other but I think i will end up going out a little further than Id like to get in a program.

Did you get placed on the alternative list? What is your GPA and teas score? Its very competitive and frustrating.

my gpa is about a 2.8 which is not no where near the best. I scored a 79 on my teas. I was put on the alternate list the 1st two tries but on the 3rd try I was simply denied. How are your scores, did you apply before?

I have a 3.8 GPA but I scored a 69 on TEAS, so not the best! but no I have not!

Your GPA is good. It seems like most schools really look at your gpa more than anything. I hope we get in. I will let you know when I get my interview.

I wish I knew how they pick their applicants, on the website every page you click on says something different!

I would like to know too. They are not precise on what they are really looking for. Tyler lets you know up front that they are gpa based but with SRMC you are left in the dark.Being that you don't really know what they are looking for you cannot improve your chances by taking classes over or repeating the Teas. I am just as nervous as I was when I applied before.

Has anyone gotten an interview date yet. Usually it would have been sent out by now, or did I not get one. just curious

I haven't heard anything!

sshell Its mind boggling that they would do a teas test yesterday. Who knows when we will hear something back. usually we would have our interview dates and times by now. Oh well, we just wait some more. lol

My interview is on the 3rd.

My interview is June 3rd also!

I am glad it is over. I hope we get in, Sshell.

Me to! I think my interview went really well... now the waiting game! I hope so to!

I was told 72 applicants, and 30 slots. Scared a little but it wont be long before we know.

Hi! have you heard anything?

No I haven't and I am so tired of waiting. My fingers are crossed. I hope we hear some good news.