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SRJC Spring 2021


Hi everyone!

I got admitted into the Spring 21 cohort at SRJC. Trying to connect with anyone else who has been admitted as well! I'm unsure how much distance learning we'll be doing so I figure it couldn't be a bad idea to trade emails with a few of my classmates!

Hi there! I also was admitted into the Spring 21’ cohort. Have you heard anything in regards to the schedule yet?

I just finished the fall semester with all of the new protocols in place and can answer any questions you may have. 

I am in the Fall 2021 cohort but need to take my TEAS. Any idea when they will be having us take them?

I took them after I received my acceptance at SRJC in the race building on campus. They scheduled it and it did not cost anything. I was able to see my results immediately upon completion of the exam. 

Were you accepted into the Fall 2021 cohort or Spring 2021?How soon after you were accepted did they have you take it? (2 weeks or longer)

I was accepted into Spring 2020 in May of 2019 and had my TEAS scheduled mid June.  We were shut down in March 2020 due to covid and restarted the program this last fall 2020.  I am moving into the second semester this Jan.

Thank you for your reply. Just trying to find out when they will have me take the TEAS.

Any recommendations for how to prep for the first semester in the ADN program? I was thinking of buying the textbooks to get a jumpstart.

I am sure they will schedule your TEAS sooner then later because they will want to fill those slots for students who do not pass the test. I would recommend listening to nurse Mo’s Straight A Nursing podcast. She has a plethora of information, for beginning and advanced students. Her website also has a boot camp that goes over basic info to prepare you including dosage calculation tutorials. You have to pay for the boot camp but it comes with so much information that it is worth it. I still benefit from her podcasts even those that are beyond my current scope. In class you will start with safety, mobility and infection prevention so you could read those chapters if you wanted to get a head start.  Good luck on your test. 



Hi everyone- 

I was just admitted for fall 2021. Wondering if anyone on here can help me with registering for castlebranch? Not seeing the program code that it wants in order to register in the paperwork that I have so far. Thanks. 

Congratulations and welcome. Donna Green sent me the information when I enrolled with the code needed to purchase the kit. I would recheck any email from her regarding health requirements. Mine was SG94 but this was for fall 2019. I hope this helps. If not I would email her directly. Good luck.