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Sprucing up the Resume

tbavis tbavis (New) New

I recently graduated from the University of Miami and I am having a very difficult time finding a job. I have my

my BLS and ACLS certifications as well as my RN license. Is there anything else that I can do to make me

a better candidate other than a good resume and cover letter. Any advice?!



Glowing recommendations and excellent references. Good Luck, it will happen

thank you for the boost of confidence! I have to remind my teachers that I am waiting for those.

WindwardOahuRN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care.

It's generally not well regarded to tack on references to a resume. Keep it short and sweet, adding "references upon request" at the end.

Recruiters know all the tricks and games people play with applications and resumes. They also know that pretty much all new grads can get references from their instructors and perhaps a few nurse friends. Unless specifically requested leave the references for later.

List your education (tack on any special awards you may have received), your experience, your skills and certifications. Listing special courses you may have taken (EKG, for example) might get you a teensy edge over someone who hasn't listed anything.

Keep the resume to one simple page. Nurse recruiters are being bombarded on a daily basis with tons of applications. Odds are they assign you to one desk pile or another by the middle of the first page.

Good luck and just keep swimming!

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