Spring 2019 SJR State College?

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Anyone applying this spring to St. John's River State College?

Is this your first semester applying? This is my first semester applying GPA only. I'm so nervous!!!

Second time with GPA also and I'm extremely nervous

Did they ever give you a reason why you weren't picked last time? Or do you have an idea why? Wish you the best of luck for your second attempt. It's a competitive spot.

They said that my admission file was incomplete, but good luck to you also its only 36 seats open too

I know even more stressful. Keep me updated if you hear anything.

Hey did you get accepted, they sent out emails Tuesday?

Yes! I got in. How about you?

Yes me too, I was on a different class fb page and when me and another applicant asked the group a message they deleted me

Yay!! Congrats. Yeah I haven't found any pages on fb. If you do let me know. I went to the canvas link they sent in the email but nothing came up just my current class I'm taking.

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