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Spring '15 Hopefuls University of Memphis/Loewenberg SON


Anybody else applying for the Spring '15 semester? I have taken all of my pre-reqs...cumulative GPA 3.23...A's and B's in science pre-reqs so I'm sure I meet the science gpa requirement. And yesterday I finally took the TEAS V for the 2nd time (smh) and made the required scores. So, I'm hoping I get accepted. I'm going to review my nursing application one more time before I submit it...and then the WAITING begins. *sighs* I'm so ready to get that acceptance letter to show my hard work paid off.

Hello nurse2bjourney! I've applied to the LSON for Spring 15' too. I'm just patiently waiting!! On the website, it said that they were doing early admissions into the program if you meet all the requirements. Do you know anything about this? Anyways, good luck with everything, and I wish you the very best!!!

Hello nurse2bjourney! I've applied to the LSON for Spring 15' too. I'm just patiently waiting!! On the website, it said that they were doing early admissions into the program if you meet all the requirements. Do you know anything about this? Anyways, good luck with everything, and I wish you the very best!!!

*waves* hey! I saw the early admission requirements and the only thing that I don't have is the 3.25 cumulative gpa...I have a 3.23 :dead:

Everything that I've heard and read only mention people getting accepted after the deadline (about 2-3 weeks after the deadline). I keep checking my status on the application and mine still says "under review." I have received the email telling me that my file is complete.

I'm hoping and praying that I get in and that the cutoff gpa is still 3.1 and nothing higher because I really don't want to sit out another semester. I have finished all of my gen ed classes just need nursing classes now. I've debating on whether to apply for Baptist too just incase I don't get in @ u of m. But right now I'm putting all of my faith in u of m *crosses fingers*

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*waves back* hey girlie!! You will be just fine! Your GPA is still really competitive, and I know you will get in! I have finished all my pre reqs. as well, and most of my gen ed. I just have two more gen ed. classes to take, and I plan to take them next Summer during the summer break. I wonder how many people are applying to the program, and how many do they accept?

Yea I read somewhere you have to be finished with all of your gen ed class by your 4th semester to continue in the program. I wonder how many people are applying too! I can't find any demographics on applicants and acceptances for the BSN program. But I found some info on the MSN program....it said that 176 applied and only 66 accepted- it didn't provide a date so I don't know how recent this info is. But I'm sure the # is higher for BSN maybe around 100-150? I don't know for sure.

I just know I'm ready for the deadline to pass so I can find out for sure if I'm in or not. I've already started looking into scrubs, shoes, watches, books etc lol and trying to figure out if I want to use a laptop for notetaking or the traditional pen and pad. I had carrying alot of stuff around I'm sure the books will be heavy enough.

Ok, thanks for the feed back, and yes girl, I know what you mean! I am so ready to get my acceptance letter! I am speaking it into existence, that I am accepted!! That's a good idea too, to go ahead and look into scrubs and things. I think I will do the same! I was thinking about whether to use a laptop for note taking as well, and I really think I am. I type way faster than I write, so I think using a laptop will be the best option for me. Girl, I am sooooooo excited! I can't wait until WE start the program...I'm speaking that both of us got it!! :yes:

Yes speak it into existence! LOL. I've heard good things about identity factor for the scrubs. I think I am going to write my notes and then type them. I learn better from repetition. But I was talking to one of the nursing professors @ u of m and she said nursing school was different. She really couldn't explain why but she said it just is. So, I really don't know if my write then type method would be effective. But I do know it helped me get an A in microbiology and I took it in a half semester summer session (only 4 weeks) and it was death. But that's what my professor recommended and said that's what she did throughout college...wrote notes, typed, and made note cards. But anyway I'm getting off topic. I want to call and ask is the cutoff gpa still 3.1. But I feel like they would have an attitude. Did you meet the qualifications for early admission? I keep checking my status and it still says under review and I went back and checked my email and they said they would notify everyone if they were accepted or not a month after the deadline. That's too long!!!

Where or how are you guys checking your status? I have applied for the spring of '15 as well. I didn't know there was a place to check so I have just been waiting on an email!

@heathershelana - You return to the same page where you submitted your application: https://academics-s.memphis.edu/nursing/ and login & scroll down to your submitted application(s).

Once they have made a decision your "Status" will change from "Under Review" to "Accepted" or "Denied."

Hey, @heathershelana welcome to the forum! @nurse2bjourney-- Hey girlie, sorry for the late reply! I've been online checking my status like crazy!! I'm so ready to see "ACCEPTED"!! Yeah, I met the qualifications for early acceptance, but...yeah...idk :rolleyes:!! I asked about the early acceptance, but the person I spoke with through email never answered my question. So, I just didn't worry about it. I'm just praying I get in, and figure my GPA should be pretty competitive. Hopefully, we all get in! I'm speaking it into existence!!! LOL

I wonder how many applicants applied to the program? Does anyone know how many students they accept into the program?

I was wondering how many people applied too. I saw something that said they accepted 1000+ in 2011. Not sure how many of those where for BSN but I think the majority of them were for the BSN. I was really hoping I would hear something by the end of this week but nothing so far and app still says under review online. I went back and look at some other threads and it looks like the people who app'd for MSN and were accepted by OCT 9TH and the ones who app'd for BSN were notified by Oct 16th. So hopefully we will know something @ least by next Fri. This wait is horrible!

Has anyone else called the office? I called last Friday and the lady told me decisions should be mailed by Monday.

No I haven't called. Were the decisions for bsn or msn that were supposed to be mailed Monday? Have you checked your status online?? Mine still says under review. I wonder if that means I didn't get in. :cry: anybody received their decision yet...by mail or online??

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It was for BSN. Judging by your stats I'm sure you will be accepted. Mine isn't updated yet.

@2proudmom - hopefully we will all get in *fingers crossed*

I wanted to call and see if they would tell me MY application decision over the ph. I read another thread where someone called and got in contact with someone in the office who reviewed their application and went ahead and told the person she was accepted.

I wonder how do they go through all the applications...like in the order they are received or alphabetical order. I would definitely be last to be notified if it's done in alphabetical order.

@nurse2bjourney... I sure do hope so! I'm tempted to call again but she is on to me already lol. I don't want to bother her anymore. I'm not sure how they review the apps. I know they check to make sure all requirements are met when they receive the application. I assume that they rank by gpa once the deadline has passed.