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Hello! I'm applying for RN-MSN programs. Has anyone ever attended Spring Arbor University online program? I see that they're accredited but I wanted to hear from any current, past, or alumni students! Thanks!

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Hi JessRN2017, I'm currently enrolled in the FNP programme and is near completion of my 2 semester. One thing i really love is that i is geared to the working family nurse. You can complete in 2-2.5 year, you take 1 class every 7 weeks with a week break inbetween. the couse structure is doable and like i always say what you put in is what you get out. It a distance learning programme so you have to ask wuestions timesly to get a response. You can further speak to a academic advisor further details.

Best wishes

I am actually a current student in the FNP program at Spring Arbor University. I would NOT recommend this program to anyone I know.

5 hours ago, ERRN1224 said:

I am actually a current student in the FNP program at Spring Arbor University. I would NOT recommend this program to anyone I know.

Hi I was recently accepted to the FNP Program. What did you not like about it? Does it prepare you for boards?

I WOULD DEFINITELY STAY FAR AWAY. There are way too many humanities classes and the medical/science classes do not even have lectures. It will not prepare you. The hardest part is the lack of preceptors or help in finding preceptors. If I knew what I know about this program, I would have never attended.

I decided not to go there after researching it. I’m currently at South College located in TN. Thanks for the reply!

Just graduated, would not recommend the program. This is based on my personal experience only. This began at residency, one year into the program, when I was told I could not do clinical hours in my state, due to not having clinical instructors licensed by my home state. This has happened in four other states as well, that I am aware of.

There have been many, many issues in the previous 6-8 months for my cohort and the one before me. Due to clinical audits not being efficiently done during the program, several students were made to complete additional clinical hours at the end, and some had to find new preceptors or wait for openings with their previous preceptors. I was one of those students who was delayed. I took boards and was successful prior to completing clinical hours, only to think I was finished and had to complete more clinical hours after some of mine were zeroed out by the nursing office.

There is open hostility from the nursing office, and clinical instructors are not monitored closely enough in my opinion. Students are able to double up clinical hours, but many are refused as their preceptor paperwork was held up in the nursing office so long, the double request was denied due to not having an "approved" preceptor.

Many students lost preceptors due to the delay of the nursing office, or had to sit out and wait for an opening as the available date passed by without approved paperwork.

Emails to the nursing office often go without a return response, phone calls are not returned either.

As for the passing rate, that is due to each student cramming for the board exams, not due to the content taught in the program. We are expert level APA writers, but the content is not addressed as closely. Personally, I had several instructors who were not NP's or never worked as an NP due to their choice or circumstance.

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