Spoof abstract of neurology study

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A professor wrote this spoof as a joke for a neurology journal, to see if it would accept it. Probably a scam journal. Here is an experiment to see whether ice cream scoopers or spoons are more useful in brain surgery.

Study of spoons versus scoops was predicated on previous studies which used a frozen dairy product as a
representative cerebellum-type model (REFERENCE). However, after reading the related literature (more REFERENCES),
we realized that further study was required to determine which flavor of frozen dairy product was most representative of the structural norms that our experiment was designed to investigate. Thus, the first step of our experimental design
included tasting of at least five different flavors of frozen dairy product. To further validate our chosen substrate, we required tasting of all five flavors from at least four independent brands of frozen dairy product for a total of 20 separate half gallon containers. The randomized tastings were accomplished by the previously mentioned surgical assistants. We note that there may be some ad hoc hominem in this process as this preliminary determination of appropriate substrate required use of both scoops and spoons. Nonetheless, after careful consideration, we posit that Ben and Jerrys Chunky Monkey is tasty but not the best choice for this experiment due to the large chocolate bits that did not conform to our model. However, several different brands of vanilla with caramel swirl adequately replicated the density and color