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Sponsorship (H1-B Visa)

I am a nurse of over 15 years of experience and would like to know about hospitals in the US that sponsor nurses from overseas. Most of my nursing experience are from Saudi Arabian, Kuwaiti hospitals.

I am really desperate in finding a nursing job anywhere in the US. Please I am begging to anyone that knows something about my situation please email me or post your opinion here at the newsboard.

I am willing to pay for any immigration fees and so as my airfare so long as the hospital will sponsor me, I am also willing to negotiate salary at the sponsor's favor.

Your response is greatly appreciated

Please email me at this address:


In order to qualify for work in the USA, and to be eligable to obtain a VISA, you will need to take and pass the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools exam (www.cgfns.org). Once you pass, and have a certificate, you may sit the NCLEX exam, in which ever state you wish to work. In order to obtain a VISA you will have to find a organisation or agency, that will sponsor you to the USA, this should be available within your home country, maybe on the internet. It will be difficult to find a USA sponsor, maybe. With both exams passed, you will stand a better chance. If I find any links to web pages, I will send them to you, hopes this helps, and hopeufully I have provided you with some new information.

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