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In the US healthcare spending is 14% of GDP

In Canada its 9.8% of the economy

In the UK its 6.9% of the economy

In Germany its 8.6%

In Japan 7.3%

The 5% of the worlds people who live in the US consume 40% of all the healthcare spending in the world.

Despite the large amount of money spent the health status of americans is not outstanding.

Life expectancey for men in US is 72 years

In Germany its 73 , 74 in the UK, 75 in Canada and 77 in Japan.

In terms of infant mortality the US has 85 deaths for every10,000 births. In Canada its 68,62 in the UK,58 in Germany and 42 in Japan.

Other than genetics,what should we do different?


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Not eat McDonalds food, maybe drink more beer


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Originally posted by Nessa1982

maybe drink more beer


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