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I love this site!!!!:bowingpur There's something for everyone here. This my first post and I have a concern. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been experiencing speech difficulties stemming from a very difficult birth resulting in stroke like symptoms. I have had Myasthenia Gravis for the past 12 years and it was viciously exacerbated after the birth of my beautiful daughter. I am an LPN and haven't been able to work since receiving my license (I became pregnant shortly after graduating) I would LOVE to work but feel intimidated by my nasal voice. Some words don't come out clearly. I don't speak on the phone much due to this problem. Although the condition is slowly getting better, I am still reluctant to "step out". ANY words of advice on what area of nursing I should try that won't require me to speak TOO much and any additional advice would be GOLDEN.

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Find a speech pathologist/therapist who can help you. It will be worth every penny you pay. Look for a speech pathology educational program in your area: you should be able to get reduced rates through the student clinic.

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Hi Natty

Well- there aren't many of us MG'ers but I'm one too. Recent dx but symptoms present for 7+ yrs. For me I find that I have to break my judgment of my limp and slurs before I can expect anyone to view me as myself and not my illness. I heard on the CBC yesterday that first impressions are largely a result of your own sub-conscious.

MG is a burden, yes, but maybe we have the duty to break the stigma around disability, and I believe that comes first with ourselves.

A bit preachy maybe- and a constant inner battle certainly- but worth it? I think so.




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Night shifts are nice and quiet in nursing homes and some areas of the hospital. There are usually no visiter or brass and much fewer phone calls. Perhaps that would be an enjoyable atmosphere. I worked night shifts for years in many different areas of the hospital and really loved it.

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