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Should I take a speech class? For one of my social science electives... Would it do me any good in nursing school, or as a nurse?


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I took speech and drama classes for about seven years, and, five weeks into nursing school, I'm starting to realise how much it paid off. You have a real advantage doing presentations -- which you do in nursing school to prepare you for educating patients and giving talks to fellow professionals after you graduate -- and heaven knows where else it'll come in handy. If your speech class is at all like mine -- learning to give eloquent impromptu and planned talks rather than just writing speeches -- I'd say it's absolutely worth it.


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Originally it was required as a pre-req...but then they just switched to saying so many credits of social science, humanities, etc...and are only specific about a few classes. :p But since I saw it on the old list, I figure they had some reason to it. ;) And I like the more hands-on classes than just a bunch of reading or whatever...and speaking seems the most hands-on of a social science class. :)


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Should also help you to feel more comfortable in job interviews as well. I'd say go for it.


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Cool...I know there's a bunch of em this term, but I'm all registered already. :p So I'll have to look for something for Fall or Winter :p

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