Specific Landau or Urbane mens scrubs size question


Hi guys! Quick question for those of you who know. I just got my first nursing assistant job in a hospital. The just implemented uniform standards, so I need to get some specific scrubs quick.

We have to have either Landau or Urbane, and I need "sandstone" tops and black bottoms. Can anyone recommend sizes for me? I'm a male, I'm 5'11", slim, and my pants size is usually 30 waist and 31 long. I'd like something that has some shape to it, nothing too boxy if possible. I think both brands have several styles, and it doesn't matter what style we get, as long as the colors match their standard.

Any tips on what sizes I should order and what styles you like? There is also no store here where I lives that sells those brands, so I need to order them online and receive them within 10 days or so. Any recommendations on the best website for cost/fast shipping?

Thanks guys!

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Unquestionably, I have worn Landau & so many others, however, lately, I been using MED GEAR they have some Cool scrubs for men & they fit me just right, mind you I'm 6' 42chest & 30 waist & 32 length in pants. In addition, I wear the all black scrubs with 2 white stripes on the shirt, it looks Awesome, check them out... good luck... Ciao~


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I am about the same measurements. What size do you wear in the top and pants? I've been wearing unisex Cherokees in a Medium and I find they fit well with the exception of the length of the tops