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Specific Certifications For Lpns--do We Need Them?


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Hello all! I will be starting LPN school soon.:yeah: As I start to look ahead beyond graduation should I consider getting certifications in specific areas?ex: CLTC, CCM, CGN, GC, IVC + NCP just to name a few. Do I really need them to "sell myself" or is it just another initial to place behind my name? :rolleyes:I live in Virginia and I'm very interested in having the IVC and WCC certification. I will not be able to use the IVC once I receive it (unless I work as a Dialysis LPN--which you still need an RN to be present when you hang blood) because its not in the LPNs scope of Practice in Virginia and this certification is granted but I'm sure its still good to have in your resume. The WCC I can use in a LTC facility. Am I just thinking too much about this or should I consider one of these specialties? :banghead: I do anticipate persuing my RN but at a later date.

Any advice would be appreciated.:)



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