When you first graduated, what area did you decide to work in?

What kind of patients/diagnoses did you encounter and what typical tasks did you find yourself doing routinely?


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I would like to know this as well. I have no idea what area I want to go into. I started out wanting to do LTC, but sometimes I think I would really like L&D or Med/Surg. I think I am just too excited :lol2: to make a decision. What led you guys to decide? Did you know right off the bat or change your mind?


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When I first graduated in 1984, jobs were difficult to find around here. My first job was as charge nurse in a small rural 5-bed ICU. I worked along with an LPN, and was also responsible for the telemetry monitoring out on the med-surg floors, and would respond to all codes in the hospital (very small hospital). It was a scary, but fantastic place for me to begin my career. It put a lot of responsibility on me, and the reality shock was unbelievable! I stayed there for a year and a half, then moved on to a larger hospital on the med-surg floor. I felt it was important to continue the med-surg type of nursing for awhile. Most of the patients I dealt with were surgical, although I did float to the medical side and had a variety of patients to care for....copd, MI, diabetics, wounds, etc. I sort of "fell into" home care after a couple of years, not really knowing if I'd like it or not. Loved it and stayed in it for 18 years! You either love it or hate it, I believe that's for sure. I am embarking on a new path. I am starting a new job in disease management on July 25. Very excited to build upon my background and learn some new skills. That is truly the great thing about nursing. You have many choices. I would totally recommend med-surg to start out with though as a new grad. It will give you the background you need to expand to other areas. Good luck. :)

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