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hi all! i'm a student just starting out, actually i don't begin work on my pre-reqs til january, but i thought i'd ask. is there anything special i should take in school to gear me towards l + d? i would love to work in l + d or nicu, i think that the birthing process is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and i really want to work with babies in one respect or another. so, any advice from you ladies out there??



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Welcome! One of the best things you can do for your nursing career in whatever area you end up in, is to be a pt. care assistant. There's not much glamour in it but boy do you learn alot! Once you are a nurse, the experience as a pca will help you appreciate them all the more. Also - when you get into the nursing program, some hospitals will hire you as a "Nurse tech."

I did this at a hospital and was area specific to l&d. I loved it, learned alot, and it confirmed that was the area for me.

As for any specific classes, they are all important for the area of l&d. Stick with what is required to get into nursing school - you'll have plenty to do with just those. Hope this helps.


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At this point, what you want to do is get thru nursing school and experience all your clinicals. You may find another more appealing area in your years in training. I would concentrate ALL my energies to doing the best you can in nursing school and worry about L and D specifics more close to your Senior Seminar time.

Best wishes.

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