Southern Louisiana Nursing Schools for BSN


I'm juuuuust about to start pre-nursing within the next month! I'm getting those pre-reqs done at RPCC. Nursing school is at least a year away, but I've been weighing my options of nursing schools so I'll be prepared! I plan on applying to a few when the times comes.

So far, my top consideration is LSUHSC in New Orleans. I'm pretty dead set on that being my first choice. Only downside for me is I'm closer to Baton Rouge, but I'd either move or make it work. (As a side question, has anyone had a long commute to college? 30+ minutes? Was it easy to look past if you enjoyed your program?)

I'll mostlikely also apply to Our Lady of the Lake College. A lot of people I graduated high school with go there, but I haven't gotten many personal opinions of the school (I don't keep in touch with them).

I haven't heard much specifically about Southeastern or Nicholls, although I'd for sure consider them.

I know I'm missing some schools, please add them and tell me what you've heard about their programs, as well as the ones I named! If you've attended nursing school in South Louisiana, tell me about your experience!

Thanks in advance, everyone! I'm very excited about nursing and love to discuss future plans for it (mine and others')!