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South university

SheenaLee SheenaLee (New) New

I was wondering if anyone is attending south university for their fnp? Just hearing mixed reviews on this school. I just started my application process. I'm having a difficult time finding a school to accept me due to my GPA being under the 3.0 mark. My bsn I received a 3.4 but they look at every class you have taken and it's killing my gpa. Does anyone not get accepted to this program? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks



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I have never heard of South turning anyone down. I think they accept everyone.

There are a few people on the boards that go there and love it. You will hear mixed reviews regarding South. Gather your own information and make an informed decision on your own.

Good Luck!


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The problem I have with South University is their parent company, Education Management Corporation (EMC). This company has had numerous lawsuits agains them by students, employees, States, and Federal Prosectors. They have a very shady background and seem to be a very unscupulous company. All the legal issues with this company has caused their stock prices to plummet, and it really is a shady operation. Because of such deceptive acts agains students and potential students, I decided to stay far away from them. I just could not support giving mega $$$ to any company that has such a terrible reputation. I chose to go with a much, much cheaper brick-and-mortar school that has a much better reputation. That being said, do your own research, talk to students, and make a decision that best supports your needs and goals. Good luck.