South Florida Pre-Req/ADN Recommendations



I'll be graduating from high school this spring, then moving to Delray Beach shortly after. I have spent some time doing research on these boards & have a few questions. I'm planning to take pre-req courses at a community college, then transfer to get my ADN. I know there are some grey areas in regards to private schools/nursing programs accepting transferred credits. I would appreciate some recommendations on where to take my pre-reqs. Also, i've read the horror stories about Broward/Keiser/FAU. The time i've spent searching through threads hasn't led me to find a solid ADN Program.

This is the list of associate programs i've been using for reference:




City College

Palm Beach State


Dade Medical College


Indian River State

If anyone has some insight on an ADN program, it would be greatly appreciated.



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It is not clear to me why you are targeting an ADN Degree, as oppose to a BSN. Is it that your High School grades were not stellar to begin with. If I was in your position, I would apply to a Community College (forget about any of the For-Profit Schools) within easy commuting distance from your home and take all the Prerequisites that will get you into one of the Public University BSN Programs (FIU, FAU, Nova, UCF, USF, etc.). It is very important that you get the best/highest grades possible in your Prerequisites. After completing these courses (~60 credits), I would apply to both ADN and BSN programs, of course using the ADN programs as a backup. I wouldn't pay any attention to the negatives about nursing schools that you read online. Every Nursing Programs have their fair share of Positives AND Negatives.

BTW, did you do any college credits while in High School (Dual Enrollment/Early Admission)?


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I have a slight bias but I would suggest PBSC for pre-reqs and also for the nursing degree. You can take pre-reqs in either Lake Worth or Boca Raton and then apply for Lake Worth nursing. That way there won't be any question about transferring credits.